Friendship 8

What is Friendship 8?Friendship 8

Friendship 8 is an opportunity to get better acquainted with other Corinth community members through regular gatherings of 8 adult couples and/or individuals. After all registrations are in Pastor Dan will organize the groups and notify members.

Friendship 8 is very simple and is all about making new friends and deepening your connections with other worshipers at Corinth Church. After groups are formed you will be asked to meet together to make a plan for gatherings hosted by each member (couples or singles). There are no rules apart from that. Gatherings can be in homes or public places, they can involve meals, games, coffee/tea/soft drinks. You can meet every week or less frequently. These are not prayer groups, bible studies, or covenant groups. It is just light socialization for people who want to know more about the Corinth Church community.

Please use the form below to let us know of your interest in participating. (Sorry, but we will not be able to register anyone with unrecognized contact information. If you wish to join us for worship we’d be glad to welcome you and register you for the next round of F8 gatherings.)

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