Mission Statement

At Corinth United Methodist Church we believe our essential purpose is to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

A disciple is a follower of a certain teaching and its principle leader. We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the living Son of God. Whose death, resurrection, and ascension to Heaven makes possible our right relationship with God, assuring us of life after the death of our body, and resurrection of our body when Christ returns. Through faith in Christ as our Savior we are born again through the Holy Spirit.

This is where we believe a disciple begins.

Discipleship is then a process of growing into a deeper relationship with God as we devote ourselves to God’s service and the celebration of God’s amazing love for us.

We believe that discipleship involves telling the story of our salvation and hope to others so that they too can expreience God’s grace and join us in worshiping God.

We believe that by being and seeking disciples we can help to change the world for Christ’s Name’s sake.

Thence our Mission Statement: Be a Disciple – Seek a Disciple – Change the World

Being Disciples, Seeking Disciples, Changing the World