What to Expect

IMGP0044Corinth Church is a casual and friendly place to worship. The buildings and grounds are situated in the midst of rich farmlands. Worshipers come from Muncie, Cowan, and the many homes and neighborhoods also found in the midst of the fields and prairie.

When you come you will meet people in every walk of life. Some will be dressed in their favorite “Sunday best” and others will be wearing more casual attire. All are welcomed and there will be no judging.
We now have one unified service where you will experience traditional hymns blended with modern choruses. Also you can experience our praise band and singing of contemporary Christian music. The praise band will also be playing from 10:15 a.m. getting you ready for worship.

First time attenders are welcomed and respected. You will not be singled out or embarrassed, but we will endeavor to serve you in any way we can.